5 Reasons That Will Make You Want Solar Panels

Solar panels are growing in popularity across the globe, from a large-scale means of generating power for entire cities, to regular homeowners making the most of all that unused space on their rooftops. Despite this growing popularity, getting onboard the solar train is not a frictionless experience. Solar panels are still quite expensive despite the many and varied discounts and rebates that are on offer these days. And, of course, there is the construction work involved in having them installed. So why, then are so many people eager to switch to solar?

We hope to answer that very question here. We’ve put together the top five reasons (in our opinion) that make solar panels an attractive proposition. So, in no particular order…

It’s Better for the Environment

Let’s start with the big one. From an ethical standpoint, solar panels are an important choice because they reduce the constant damage being done to our environment by things like coal and gas.

Every amp of electricity a domestic solar panel generates lightens the load on that regions electrical grid, reducing the amount of fossil fuels that need to be burned in regions that rely on fossil fuels… which is most of them!

As the specter of climate catastrophe looms ever greater on the horizon, it is in all of our best interests to do what we can to help, and installing solar panels does just that.

Go Off-Grid or Help the Grid

One of the more appealing aspects of solar panels for many is the ability to go “off-grid”, meaning you are disconnected from the regional power grid. This means you are no longer at the whim of random black or brown outs, and certainly free from unwelcome price hikes.

Of course, going solar does not mean you have to go off-grid; you can also choose to stay connected, which not only gives you back up in case you encounter problems with your solar power, it also gives you the option to give back. If your solar power is over-producing, you can have that excess electricity fed back to the power grid, not only helping to reduce the burden, but earning you credit as well!

Solar Panel Purchases Help the Movement

We mentioned that there are still significant roadblocks to getting solar panels—specifically the cost. The larger the market for solar panels, the more the price will be driven down by competition and innovation. Early adopters are always the pioneers that drive things on, and in much the same way that Tesla’s electric vehicles started out as an exclusively luxury car and now offer affordable models, every purchase of a solar panel helps fuel the solar panel economy and bring the technology within reach of more and more people.

Make the Most of a Property

Solar panels are very flexible when it comes to installation, and can be installed in a variety of places that might not be suitable for other things. We have already mentioned the example of a rooftop solar array, which keeps your panels up and out of the way while getting the best of the sunlight. Panels can also be installed on land that has no other practical use, and on top of garages and sheds.

Land is increasingly at a premium as the world population continues to grow, but solar panels can make use of vertical space to not only avoid cluttering up your property, but also increase the value of that property without adding more land.

It’s Free!

We’ve talked about ethical and altruistic reasons, but there are selfish reasons to go solar as well. Once you get your solar panels installed, the electricity they generate is essentially free. Other than some occasional maintenance, there is no running costs, and you do not need to pay for sunlight.

The initial cost of installation often causes people to baulk at the idea of solar panels, but when viewed from the perspective of a long-term investment, solar panels are by far the cheaper option compared to regular power-grid electricity.

Final Thoughts

These five reasons are far from comprehensive—there are many reasons to get solar panels, and those reasons increase as the prevalence of solar increases and the costs come down. They may be more expensive at the beginning but at time goes by they become an investment and at the same time you are helping future generations by making an eco friendly choice today.


Author Bio:

John Keohane is the owner of JK Services, an electrical contractor who specializes in Solar Panel and EV Charger installations.